Ritual & Reflection

We explore the importance of ritual and reflection in our day to day lives.
Creative Traditions | Our Christmas Windows

Inspired by our festive theme, floral designer Paula Ellis has created sculptural installations.

2 months ago
Creative Traditions | Make and Share a Patchwork Stocking

Repurposing remnant fabrics as we approach the festive season.

3 months ago
Tracing the History of Furoshiki

We discover the origins of the Japanese practice of wrapping objects in cloth.

3 months ago
The Ancient Traditions and Modern-Day Rituals of Palo Santo

Natalie Shukur reflects on the grounding effect of lighting this calming wood.

1 year ago
Festive Rituals | Our Christmas Windows by Fox & Thorn

Inspired by our seasonal theme of Rewilding, floral designer Paula Ellis has created festive suspended installations.

1 year ago
Mindful Walking with Libby DeLana

A conversation with Do Walk author Libby DeLana about her meditative approach to walking.

1 year ago
Finding Peace In Nature's Symphony

As our cities and towns fell silent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the glorious soundscape of birdsong replaced the

2 years ago
Exploring the Hues of Nature with Kristin Perers | Trinity Cottage

Colour Foraging in Suffolk at the contemplative artist retreat space.

2 years ago
The Ritual of Scent

Exploring scent as a marker for time, occasion, ritual and expansive living.

2 years ago
Flux & Flow | A Single Photograph

We share the entries from our photographic competition, inspired by Flux & Flow.

2 years ago
The Nature of Flux by Louisa Thomsen Brits

Louisa Thomsen Brits examines how, in the midst of flux, we can flourish.

2 years ago
A Woman's Pilgrimage | Marie-Elsa Bragg

The priest and author on myths, symbolism, and storytelling flowing in one ancestral river.

2 years ago
On Keeping a Notebook | Fatima Farheen Mirza

Brooklyn-based author of

2 years ago
Taking the Waters | The Restorative Effects of Outdoor Swimming

Elizabeth Metcalfe on her gravitation to cold water and the allure of Hampstead Ladies' Pond.

2 years ago
The Role of Home

Elizabeth Metcalfe on how her home has come into its own.

2 years ago
Timelines | The Way We Live Now

Louisa Thomsen Brits explores this new sense of time.

2 years ago
Currents of Time | A Japanese Garden

Reflecting on the currents of time within a garden in Kyoto.

3 years ago

Lousia Thomsen Brits on the pathways near to her home.

4 years ago
Morning Walks | The Paths We Choose

Laura Barton on the paths we choose and decisions we make.

4 years ago
The Story of Frankincense

From the Holy Land to the Mediterranean.

4 years ago
The Sea

Laura Barton on living and writing by the sea

4 years ago
Long Slow Road to the Sea

Author Sarah Hall on her longing for the sea and the delights of Norfolk's beaches.

4 years ago
The Japanese Philosophy of Ikigai

The meaning of daily life.

5 years ago
The Art of Bathing

Louisa Thomsen Brits explores Leonard Koren's philosophy of bathing.

5 years ago