Palo Santo Set

Mineral Blue
Size: One Size

Palo Santo is a tree found on the coast of South America. According to local customs, the smoke emitted when the wood is burnt is thought to remove negative energy, and be incredibly calming and soothing. These Palo Santo sticks are made from only naturally dead branches and trunks, which are collected without cutting down any living trees or damaging the surrounding area. They are accompanied by a glazed Leach Pottery bowl, which is hand-thrown. Leach Pottery co-founder Bernard Leach is regarded as the father of British studio pottery and their pieces are still made and fired on the original site by a team of highly skilled potters.


Hand wash dish. Stoneware dish, palo santo wood.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Dish H 6cm x D 10cm. Palo santo L 10cm x 1cm.

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