TOAST Creative Residency

Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 October 2021

The annual TOAST Creative Residency brings together our community of creative individuals. This year, we are hosting our first blended Creative Residency, with a three-day programme of engaging talks, workshops and live demonstrations hosted online.

The programme, inspired by our seasonal campaign titled Rewilding, is open to all and aims to connect individuals and foster thought. Prices for individual events vary.

20% of all ticket sales will be donated by TOAST to Crafts Council UK to support their Young Citizens Programme - offering workshops, paid opportunities and creative and professional advice for young people from all backgrounds interested in shaping the future of craft, design and making in the UK.

Thursday 21 October

Growing in Cities and Small Places with Claire Ratinon

Edible growing is not just for those with allotments and large gardens. Join organic food grower and author of How to Grow Your Dinner: Without Leaving the House Claire Ratinon to explore how you can connect with the natural world through growing edible plants in small spaces.

Claire will show you how to grow a range of crops in containers including a step-by-step demonstration of how to grow microgreens. She will also discuss how we can create a more accessible landscape for people to participate in gardening.

Online tickets excluding materials cost £15.

Thu 21 October, 12pm BST (1pm CEST / 7am EDT / 10pm AEDT), 1 hour 30 mins.
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Willow Weaving with Julie Gurr

Join TOAST New Maker Julie Gurr to learn the art of willow weaving. Just a stone’s throw away from her Hastings home, Julie weaves sculptural yet practical baskets in her former oast house workshop, using several varieties of willow.

During this workshop, Julie will guide you through the process of creating a woven platter using willow cuttings and traditional basket-making techniques from the Catalan-speaking regions of Spain. You will also be able to learn about the growing and preparation of willow, from the planting of the willow cuttings to harvesting and soaking. All are welcome, as no previous willow weaving experience is required.

Online tickets exclude materials and cost £15.

Thu 21 October, 3pm BST (4pm CEST / 10am EDT), 3 hours.
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Nature in Design | A Panel Discussion

Katie Treggiden is a writer and keynote speaker who champions a circular approach to design. Her fifth book, Wasted: When Trash Becomes Treasure, celebrates 30 designers, makers and manufacturers who use waste as their primary resource.

For the Creative Residency, Katie will host a panel discussion with New Maker Corrie Williamson, artist Abigail Booth, designer maker Darren Appiagyei and craftsman and environmentalist Sebastian Cox. They will discuss the reinvention and repurposing of natural materials and the benefits of collaborating with nature in design. A live Q&A will follow their discussion.

Online tickets cost £10.

Thu 21 October, 7pm BST (8pm CEST / 2pm EDT), 1 hour.
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Friday 22 October

Leathercraft with Candice Lau

Join East London based leatherworker Candice Lau for a workshop celebrating waste as a resource to create small leather goods.

Embracing the theme of repurposing and reusing, you will use vegetable-tanned leather offcuts from the production of this season’s handbag and pouch made in collaboration with Candice Lau and Maria Sigma to create a card holder - using traditional leather-working techniques including saddle stitching and attaching studs. All are welcome as no previous experience is required.

Online tickets including a materials pack cost £25.

Fri 22 October, 10am BST (11am CEST / 8pm AEDT), 2 hours.
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Rewilding the Mind with Alice Vincent & Maya Thomas

Join author and gardener Alice Vincent and herbologist and chef Maya Thomas as they share their personal stories of rewilding, dwelling on where they differ and where they are alike.

The roles of the city versus the country in terms of escape, as well as their different routes into working with plants will be discussed. The pair will discuss the notion of disconnect from the land and by extension, ourselves, explaining what brought them to live closer with nature. Touching on womanhood and friendship, they will consider the often overlooked role of women in connection to the land. They will share their daily practice of rewilding, with practical advice and tips.

Online tickets cost £10.

Fri 22 October, 1pm BST (2pm CEST / 8am EDT / 11pm AEDT), 1 hour.
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Needle Tufting with Maria Sigma

Join award-winning weaver Maria Sigma, who follows a zero-waste philosophy, as she demonstrates a needle tufting technique to create abstract landscapes using remnant yarns from the TOAST production process.

This season TOAST has collaborated with Maria on a hand-tufted fabric made using waste yarns, which has been incorporated into a bag by leatherworker Candice Lau. During this workshop, through Maria’s step-by-step guidance, you will learn the basics of needle tufting and how to up-cycle your old knitwear to create unique textile artworks for hanging on the wall or turning into a small accessory.

Online tickets excluding materials cost £20.

Fri 22 October, 3pm BST (4pm CEST / 10am EDT), 2 hours.
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Mindful Whittling with Barn the Spoon

Barn the Spoon is widely recognised as being responsible for the repopularisation of spoon carving. During this workshop Barn will introduce you to basic, traditional wood carving and whittling techniques to create a butter spreader using coppiced wood.

Taking inspiration from our surroundings, you will learn how we can collaborate with nature to create useful tools. Barn will also share his passion for working woodlands being a route to improving biodiversity and the power of craft to transform lives. Discussion will touch on managing forests and the environmental benefits of coppicing wood - how it enhances biodiversity and creates a patchwork of habitats for wildlife. The notion of craft as therapy and a mindful practice will also be discussed.

Online tickets excluding materials cost £15.

Fri 22 October, 6pm BST (7pm CEST / 1pm EDT), 2 hours.
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Saturday 23 October

Fostering Green Spaces in Cities | A Panel Discussion

London-based gardener-writer Matt Collins hosts a panel discussion with SUGi’s Lead Forest Maker James Godfrey-Faussett, founder of Hackney Herbal Nat Mady, and Ashley Edwards, Head Gardener from Horatio’s Garden.

They will discuss our connection to nature and the importance of supporting and protecting it, as well as rewilding initiatives bringing green spaces back into urban environments, and community projects driving change - focusing on the health benefits of plants within community gardens. A live Q&A will follow their discussion.

Online tickets cost £10.

Sat 23 October, 10am BST (11am CEST / 8pm AEDT), 1 hour.
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Sketching Foliage & Flowers with Linda Williams

Join artist and Obiko founder, Linda Williams, for a workshop exploring the fundamentals of drawing with charcoal pencil and painting with gouache.

Linda is known for her contemporary nature-inspired illustrations and artwork. Drawing from observation, the focus of the workshop will be the qualities of an autumnal floral installation by renowned floral artist, Frida Kim. Taking inspiration from the grasses, foliage and flowers, you will explore form, composition, negative space and the practise of simple, flowing mark-making techniques. From these sketchbook experiments, Linda will demonstrate how to transfer your artwork onto notecards. Experimentation and discovering your own unique, creative style will be encouraged. All are welcome, as no previous experience is required.

Online tickets exclude materials and cost £15.

Sat 23 October, 3pm BST (4pm CEST / 10am EDT), 2 hours.
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Artist in Residence | Crafts Council in Conversation with Liaqat Rasul

Join the Crafts Council and our artist in residence, Liaqat Rasul, as he reveals his artwork inspired by Rewilding. During this talk and presentation, Curator of Creative Partnerships and Programmes Annabelle Campbell will be in conversation with Liaqat, as he shares his innovative ways of working with found materials, from envelopes and old stamps, to egg boxes, paper cups and plates. Liaqat binds these elements together by sticking and stitching, uniting them in a cascade of shapes, words and textures to create a sense of hope.

Our open call sought artists from a variety of backgrounds and creative disciplines to submit artwork exploring the seasonal theme of Rewilding. Liaqat will present his work at the Creative Residency, be profiled within Crafts Magazine and the final piece will later be donated to the Crafts Council collection.

Online tickets cost £10.

Sat 23 October, 6.30pm BST (7.30pm CEST / 1.30pm EDT), 1 hour.
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