Patchwork Stocking

With laughter and joy, we create new traditions this winter through making, using what is close to hand. Paper chains dangle in doorways and gifts are wrapped in cloth as we celebrate and anticipate the festive days to come.

This year, we hope you can enjoy creative moments with our guide to make a patchwork stocking, available to download and print below. Perhaps you will make use of pieces of cloth left over from previous sewing projects, or worn-out garments that are no longer useful.

In our shops offering our Repair service (Bath, Edinburgh, Harrogate, Oxford, Shoreditch and Notting Hill), there will also be small amounts of remnant TOAST fabrics for you to take home to create your stocking, until Sat 24 December. Or drop into our Notting Hill shop until Sat 17 December to shop our TOAST fabrics pop-up.

Patchwork Stocking

Patchwork Stocking

Natalie Bell, our repair specialist at TOAST Harrogate, has created the instructions. She has been sewing for 15 years. “I’m a huge believer in saving any remnant pieces of fabric or leftover supplies, as one day you may just need them,” she says. “Each time I sew, there are always small fabric pieces left over, and often they can be odd shapes.”

This inspired her first foray into patchwork, creating a jacket with small squares of fabric left from dresses she made. “Patchwork is a brilliant way of reusing fabrics, as you can cut around marks or holes,” she says. “I love that you can create new memories and heirlooms for your loved ones.”

Download and print our patchwork stocking guide and patchwork stocking pattern.

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Nice idea. Thank you. This is actually what I call “real” patchwork. I still can’t get my mind round the fact that people buy fabrics to cut them into bits. I’m showing my age… I’ve been sewing since I was a kid, 40 odd years. And have so many remnants that I’ve started giving them to people who craft or teach kiddies. Made a couple of rag rugs and some patchy stuff, but I just have too much. I have gorgeous crochet throws that were made by my granny and aunts out of unpicked jumpers and leftover yarn. Still holding strong and when o wash them there’s no plastic going into the sea because they’re wool. I am so happy to see articles like this that encourage creative reusing. Gives me hope.

Francesca 23 days ago

What a great project,I love patchwork Thankyou for this pattern I’m going to start straight away, the instructions lookbeasy to follow ,might add the initial of who ever I give the stocking to .

Kim 3 months ago