Wax Atelier

Hand dipped candles and waxed linen food wraps made in East London by Wax Atelier. Naturally coloured and made in small batches using traditional candle-making techniques.

Wax Atelier Linen Food Wraps

Size: One Size

Hand-waxed linen, naturally dyed by hand. A resourceful, plastic-free way to cover up food and leftovers, keeping them fresh and hygienic in the fridge or cupboard. The waxy coating on the fabric creates a breathable and antibacterial layer, effectively preserving food for longer. Dyed in small batches in East London by Wax Atelier. Each set comes with 3 convenient wrap sizes, all varying slightly in shade and tone. Wax Atelier have a cooperative working model, an initiative that supports members of the local community, providing mentorship and employment whilst keeping the skills of traditional wax candle-making alive.


Made in the United Kingdom.
Large 36 x 25cm, medium 25 x 18cm, small 18 x 18cm.

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