Takahashi McGil Urushi Lacquer Spoons

Hand chiselled spoons, made by a husband and wife team in a small studio in Devon. Takahashi McGil combine time-honoured Japanese traditions honed in Tokyo with Western techniques.

Takahashi McGil Chestnut Spoon

Size: One Size

Hand chiselled chestnut, finished with urushi lacquer. Made using traditional Japanese chisels and a small Japanese plane, known as a kanna. The husband and wife team who create these spoons are based in a small studio in Devon and spent the past summer in Japan, learning the art of urushi lacquering. Being handmade, no two will be alike. To be used for rice or as you will. Takahashi McGil were one of the five New Makers that TOAST supported and nurtured throughout 2019.


Wash your spoon by hand using warm water, a soft sponge and a mild detergent. Dry using a soft cloth and avoid using the dishwasher. Coarse sponges and direct sunlight can damage the surface of the lacquer coating.
Chestnut with urushi lacquer.
Made in the UK.
193mm x 70mm.
Each spoon has been cured, making them safe for both eating and serving. Cooking with this spoon is not advised, as the high temperatures can cause damage.

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