Furoshiki Block Print Wrapping Cloths

Size: One Size

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square wrapping cloth, tied and neatly knotted to transport gifts and food. The custom of wrapping objects first began in Japan during the Edo period and is now a responsible way of wrapping books, presents and lunch boxes. Our cotton wrapping cloths are hand block-printed by artisans in Jaipur. Each wooden block is skilfully hand-carved then carefully lined up by eye on the fabric. Packaged in a reusable envelope with tying instructions. One larger cloth, one small.


Machine wash. 100% cotton.
Made in India.
Large cloth 60 x 60cm. Small cloth 40 x 40cm.
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Block Printing

Block printing is a centuries-old craft. Though it might be the simplest and slowest of all textile printing methods, it yields some of the most beautiful results.

The technique demands precision and patience: each block is skilfully hand carved then carefully, laboriously, lined up by eye upon the fabric. It is these human processes that result, inevitably, in slight irregularities. A machine-printed fabric might, by contrast, be perfectly executed, yet it is somehow always a little flat, lacking the inherent liveliness of a hand printed piece.

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