Emma Aitchison Jewellery

Emma Aitchison creates small runs of hand moulded and cast jewellery from her Bristol-based studio. Her pieces are informed by fleeting moments in nature and the ever-changing seasons, and created using sustainable production methods with traditional jewellery making techniques.

Emma Aitchison Ripple Chain Necklace

Size: One Size

Fine, recycled sterling-silver chain with three brass beads - moulded, cast and finished by hand in Bristol by Emma Aitchison. Brass is fully recyclable and a thoughtful alternative to gold plating, as it doesn’t involve harmful chemicals. Each piece by Emma Aitchison has been inspired by the ever-changing seasons and fleeting moments in nature. Embracing unique marks and subtle variations, Emma aims to work in harmony with the earth, using both sustainable production methods and traditional jewellery making techniques.


Recycled sterling silver, brass beads.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Chain Length 230mm.

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